When is a Wally shoe not a Wally shoe? When it’s the WILDBUNCH Moc Boot.

 The classic Wally shoe is hard to beat and has many fans across all different walks of life. But it’s not for everyone. As we were designing for this year, we took a closer look at the Wally formula and it got us wondering if we could add to it in our signature WILDBUNCH way.
Wild Bunch Moc Boot in Mushroom

When we thought about what we’d do differently, it came down to weight and structure. The front of the shoe is where the business happens: that moc toe is staying put. But looking at the way the shoe wraps around your foot and ankle, we wanted to change it up for the summer.


Wild Bunch Moc Boot in Beige

By taking out the lip around the top of the shoe, the Moc Boot feels lighter and softer as it wraps around the foot and ankle. With a bit less lining and structure, it becomes more of a summer shoe. Something that you could slip on with shorts, if the mood takes you
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