We back with something new - something familiar mixed with something you might not expect - a vibram wonder.

Our Blucher model proved rather popular with WILDBUNCH fans, with many of them scooping up pairs in multiple colours. We’re always looking at ways to improve upon what we’ve done before and the Blucher seemed the ideal candidate for a Vibram wedge sole. With this sole in place, the Blucher becomes the Talamanca.

The WILDBUNCH Talamanca has everything you’ve come to love about the Blucher: the shape, the premium suede, the leather laces. With the addition of the Vibram wedge sole, the Talamanca sits proudly alongside its Blucher siblings.

The Vibram wedge sole is an amazing thing. It has a reputation for being hard wearing but also supremely comfortable. But beyond that, it’s a versatile base for a number of different shoe styles. When applied to as a new sole for existing styles, it has the ability to transform their look to something rugged but unassuming.

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