Wild Bunch Desert Boot Khaki


They’ve taken a little while to get here, but we’re made up that the new WILDBUNCH Desert Boots have finally arrived. Join us as we take you through how we got here.

We’d been looking at desert boots for a while, here at WILDBUNCH. It’s hard not to when you make crepe soled shoes. The desert boot is an icon in this part of the footwear industry. But we didn’t want them to look exactly like all the others out there, we wanted to give them the Wild Bunch touch. 

Wild Bunch Desert Boot Grey


What we’ve done with this desert boot is given it a bit of a modernist edge. We didn’t want to overcomplicate what is a relatively straightforward design, but did want to make something unique to us. If you look at the upper, you’ll notice that we’ve brought in a smooth curve leading from the lace area to the sole. On top of that, we’ve wrapped the heel in a separate panel to give that area more shape and substance. We’re really pleased with the way the shape of the panel both follows the vertical line of the heel, but also has a seamless overlay with that aforementioned curved panel. 

We also thought that a more substantial desert boot came with a heel tab, making it easier to pull on and off. We’ve levelled out the crepe sole, again as a nod to the beefier nature of this desert boot. It’s not a full work boot by any means, but it’s definitely got more to it than the average.


The development of these desert boots took a little while. We had to take a few trips over to the factory in Spain to make sure everything was right. All that travelling meant plenty of airport pints and Spanish cuisine along the way. Try not to feel too bad for us…


Working closely with the factory meant we could nail every detail. The shape, the suede, the thickness of the crepe sole, we took a close look at it all. It took a couple of goes to get them just right, but now they’re here and we couldn’t be happier.

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