Craig Ford - Wild Bunch Q&A

Due to the phenomenal response of previous Q&As we decided to do a few more. This week we have 'the happiest man in fashion' and was recently named 114th most important person in Scottish fashion by the style bible that is Drapers Magazine. Now, he spends a lot of his time sunbathing on beaches all over Europe sipping Mojitos, don’t ask me how he does it. A warm welcome to short arms himself, Mr Craig Ford.

What did you have for breakfast?


What’s good about your hometown?

The civic centre by Hutchison Locke & Monk

Tell us something that not many people know about you?

I do a lot of work for charity, but I don’t like to talk about it. I just ran 10k in the Palestinian Marathon. It’s not too late to donate.

Favourite City?


Favourite 3 brands for 2022 and why?

Vyrao - witchy wellness brand created by an amazing witchy woman.
Koniver - the future of modern medicine with great customer service
Hoka - best running sneakers for my gait

You’ve got £300 to spend on one item of menswear, tell us what you’re gonna be buying?

Some good Nike Dunks at resell price.

Provide us with a synopsis for your autobiography (in a paragraph) and what would you call it?

Goes to school, buys first record ( Adam and the Ants) and reads The Who biography aged 8. Gets into hip hop through breakdancing, goes to football just because of the clothes, gets in with ‘the wrong crowd’.
Works on building sites as an electrician. Discovers acid house, goes out partying. Goes to university to study fashion. Moves to London, goes out partying again. Works at Duffer, opens Bape store, launched BBC starts a number of names*
Gets married. Has a kid, gets divorced.
Stops partying, falls in love, and grows up. Age 49…

If a film was made of your life, give us four songs that would be included on the soundtrack?

Willie Hightower - Walk A Mile In My Shoes

The Clash - Stay Free

Gene Wilder - Pure Imagination

Eric B and Rakim - Paid In Full

Favourite Book

Mark Fisher - Capitalist Realism

If you could sit down for a meal with 4 people, dead or alive, who would you choose?

Jesus Christ
Karl Marx
Mark Fisher
Yasmin Sewell

Most treasured item?
My Health

Favourite Wild Bunch shoe?
The Talamanca

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