We have introduced a little segment for our blog titled: WILDBUNCH & Friends - Q&A

Each week we will ‘interview’ people who we are friends of, admire, find Interesting or generally just find funny.

Next in line is our mate Stuart Morbey. Stu has probably got the most impressive job titles out of all my mates tbf. ‘Senior Director of Global Fashion Sales - Adidas'. 
Saying that, it’s not surprising seeing as most of my mates now are brickies and scaffolders.

We first met Stu over 20 years ago when he worked for Levis Vintage. We continued to work with him when he then moved on to Adidas and climbed the ranks. I’m not bitter about his Meteoric rise... Honest

What did you have for breakfast?

The Bar Bruno Special with Extra Bubble.

What’s good about your hometown? 

The closest town / city to where I am from is Leicester and the thing I think makes Leicester stand out from the crowd is Diwali, the annual festival of light. It’s the biggest one outside of India and is a fantastic experience, it really demonstrates what a cultural melting pot Leicester is. 

Tell us something that not many people know about you?

I have run the London Marathon

Favourite 3 brands for 2021 and why?

Supreme – A business model that is unrivalled, and I am a brandad

Orslow – The New Yorker pant is incredible

Junya Watanabe – a true genius, SS21 was one of his strongest collections to date and FW21 is also looking very good

You’ve got £300 to spend on one item of menswear, tell us what you’re gonna be buying?


Can I have £330 please? Then I'd go for the Junya Watanabe MAN Crop Trousers.

Provide us with a synopsis for your autobiography (in a paragraph) and what would you call it?

Title – “You will never get anywhere in life with long hair” Part 1

A look back at the informative years from 1990 to 2000, A hectic decade that started with A Levels and finished with a house party in London. An insightful journey that has minimal visual evidence thanks to no camera phones or social media, but coveres a summer working as a green keeper at the local golf course (best job ever). Studying Fashion at the London College of Fashion and starting his career at Levis®. 

If a film was made of your life, give us four songs that would be included on the soundtrack?

George Michael – Freedom 90

Gil Scott Heron – Race Track In France

Tricky – Hell Is Round The Corner

Chas n Dave – One Fing ‘n’ Anuvver

Lessons learnt from the Pandemic Year?

Don’t take things for granted, even the little things. Make that extra bit of effort to see people. Be kind.

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